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iPod Repairs Medway Kent

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Find the repair service you require. If you are unable to locate or you are unsure of the repair service you need, please contact us on 01634 405 662 and speak to a friendly member of our repair team.

You can also drop your iPod into us at our prestige location at The Historic Dockyard, Chatham, Kent.

We discount on multiple repairs for the same iPod! 50% discount on the cheapest repair item.

How it works:

When your iPod arrives at our workshop, we will contact you to inform you. We also make a note of your details on our database.

We will inspect and repair your iPod within 2-3 working days, although times may increase during busy periods.

If a price has not been agreed, we will inspect and contact you by phone or email and let you know exactly what costs are involved. We will not surprise you with any hidden or extra costs. Quoted iPod repair prices always include parts and labour.

Once your repair has been completed and paid for, we will send back using fully insured courier service.

To repair your iPod at our workshop, we have dedicated repair tools. We will always handle your iPod with care when dismantling and reassembling, making sure not to leave any damage to the casing or iPod internals.

At Apple Repairs we employ skilled electronic technicians ready to undertake various problems with iPods. We can repair to component level meaning if your iPod is dead or not powering on, we will always endeavour to repair your main board / mother board / logic board, rather than simply replacing it. Most other companies will replace expensive components rather than attempting an electronic repair.

At Apple Repairs we are trained electronic technicians so we can repair a faulty mainboard, saving you money on expensive iPod repair parts!

Broken iPod screen?

We are able to replace iPod’s with broken display screens, also known as LCD screen panels.  Broken iPod LCD’s show what look like “leaking ink” or “black ink spots”.

Broken iPod glass?

We are able to replace broken or damaged iPod touch glass digitisers.  The symptoms of a broken or damaged iPod touch panel would be broken or shattered glass on the outer layer of the iPod screen.

Faulty iPod battery?

The iPod’s have an internal battery which is not user replaceable. The battery is soldered to the main board making it difficult to replace. We are able to supply and fit brand new genuine iPod batteries.

Failing iPod hard drive?

If your iPod is making clicking or strange noises, it could be that the internal hard disk is or has failed. We are able to replace iPod hard drive’s in all iPod models.

iPod not charging?

If your iPod is becoming increasingly difficult to sync or charge, the bottom iPod docking connector has become worn or damaged. We can replace the bottom iPod sync / charge dock connector on all model of iPod solving these issues.

Dead iPod?

Does your iPod appear to be dead or not starting correctly? We can repair dead iPod’s. We can also resolve issues with no sound from iPod speakers or headphone sockets, software issues, liquid damaged iPod’s and much, much more.

12 months warranty!

All of our repairs are covered by a full 12 months warranty, giving you that extra piece of mind.

Please contact us today by phone or email for your instant iPod repair quote.

01634 405 662

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