Free Repairs!

Problem charging your iPhone, iPad or iPod?

This could be a simple repair! If you bring your non-charging Apple iPhone, iPad or iPod to us, we will inspect your charge port and if it simply needs a clean, we’ll do the repair for free!

FREE iPhone, iPad, iPod repairs
iPhone, iPad or iPod not charging? Let us inspect and repair for FREE!

We normally find that charge ports are notorious for collecting all sorts of dust a debris so will obstruct your charging lead from making good contact. Most of the time a good clean will restore your charging function on your iPhone, iPad or iPod.

It doesn’t take us long to inspect and clean, so we won’t charge you a penny!

On the odd occasion a good clean doesn’t solve the issue, we will offer you our chargeable replacement dock connector service, which is very competitively priced and comes with 12 months warranty!

Book your FREE charge port inspection today and see if we can get your iPhone, iPad or iPod charging again!

Call now to book your appointment 01634 405 662.


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